2021 – Your Year? 

2021 – Your Year? 

Have we ever been more pleased to see the back of a year than with 2020? 


One giant annus horribilis for all of us, and whilst we’re not skipping and dancing into 2021 without a care in the world (far from it, in fact) there is some comfort to be found with the passing of time and the dawn of a new year. 

Cautious optimism. 

You’ve probably heard it said that we’ve all been in the same boat, or that we’ve at least been in the same storm but different boats, or that there wasn’t even a boat to begin with… 

…but in truth, comparing your situation to anyone else’s can only ever get you so far. 

And besides, it’s all relative. 

Now, we’re not going to spend any more time looking over what has been, the opportunities missed and the heartache caused, because it won’t do us any good. 

You now have a choice. And having a choice is pretty liberating, especially on the back of a year where most things were out of your hands. 

Are you going to give up? Or are you going to push on? 

The very fact that you’re reading this, or listening to this even, is proof enough that you’re determined to push on. 

You might’ve had to hang on in there, you might’ve done alright. Either way, now is the time to push on. 

Your only true competition is staring you straight in the face, every single time you look in the mirror. Challenge yourself. Hold yourself accountable. Set targets. Goals. Plan, plan, plan. 

If 2021 is going to be ‘your year’ as they say, it’s going to be you that makes it that way. 

Don’t wait for anyone else to give you the leg up, the boost, the push to the finish line. They’ve got their own stuff to sort out, and they’re facing their own unique challenges in the wake of a year like none before it. 

Does that mean you shouldn’t be on the look out to help those in need? 

Well, that’s up to you. Sink or swim. Survival of the fittest. The rat race. Eat or be eaten. 

Yeah, OK, but don’t forget about strength in numbers, and that what goes around comes around. 

Whichever way you see it, and whichever way you plan to play it, there are a hundred little sayings to support your decision. 

Do any of them matter? Not one bit. What matters most when it comes to supporting your decision are your actions. What you do next. 

Now, hopefully you’ve allowed yourself a moment or two to lick your wounds, a day or two to reset and recharge over Christmas, but now, it’s a fresh start, a new beginning… 

…and, if you want it to be, a happy new year for you and your business. 

At 20:80e, we’re big believers in positivity, as it’s the only feasible route to overcoming obstacles and for finding opportunity from adversity. 

We don’t float about with our heads in the clouds and pretend everything is OK, because sometimes they just aren’t, but because of our commitment to positive mental attitudes and mind sets, we always find a way through. 

We’ve seen businesses fall by the way side in 2020, and the most painful thing about all of that is that they absolutely could’ve survived. The mental shutters came down long before the actual shutters had to, and even when they were allowed to open back up, the damage was done. 

Now, these business owners weren’t weak, they weren’t clueless, far from it, but they lacked the guidance and support of an organisation like 20:80e for when the proverbial hit the fan, and hit the fan it did. 

Could 20:80e have saved the day? Well, we’re not superheroes, and we don’t claim to have a magic one size fits all potion, but we do claim to offer some of the best advice and support that small businesses can access anywhere, any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

What the businesses we help do with that support and advice though, that’s up to them. 

So, who really saves the day? 

The business owner themselves. You. 

We’re here to remind you that, whilst you can always rely on us to back you up, to guide you and support you, just as you can with your family, friends, colleagues, staff and partners 

…ultimately, it’s down to you, and how empowering is that. When you realise that, and get over the initial scariness of it, the freedom and opportunity that comes with that realisation are absolutely limitless. 

This is your choice for 2021. 

Do you accept defeat? Or do you grab it by the horns and make it your year, no matter what? 

Right now, it’s all just words, but ideas have to start somewhere and planning is infinitely more important than the plan. 

Use this last year as an incredible opportunity to learn. What do you wish you had done differently? Don’t linger on it, don’t lament anything lost. Learn from it. 

It’s been tough, it’s been rough. 

But you know what, at the risk of sounding insensitive, that’s life, 2020 or no 2020. 

Acknowledge what has happened, accept it to whatever extent you can, and then, when you’re done with that, decide what is going to happen next. 

Because only you can do that. 

No, really. It’s up to you. 

So, is 2021 going to be your year? 

You bet it is.