It's all about you

making your business work

At Trinity we specialise in supporting small and medium size business to identify goals, plan strategies to achieve these goals, whilst developing their organisational structures and processes to give long term sustainability and profitability.

Our Mission

The majority of new businesses fail, and most close before their second birthday mainly due to a lack of business experience. 2080e exists to provide professional support and help build long term sustainable businesses.

Who we are

  • We are passionate. Driven to be the best
  • We are caring. Here to help others.
  • We are ethical. Never compromising
  • We are never resting. Always looking forward

What we are

  • Supportive – We think imaginatively and use our skills to produce new ideas, to help support positive change and are proactive in supporting others in their efforts to change.
  • Balanced – Maintaining a balance across all aspects of our lives is fundamentally important as that provides the foundations for fulfilment.
  • Sharing – We continually develop and learn from our experiences and want others to use our knowledge to help other build their own confidence.
  • Realistic – We are not perfect and make mistakes but face our fears and to speak up even when things may be difficult.
  • Creative – We have a flair for thinking of new ideas or ways of working and enjoy bringing them to fruition.
This business is built on the passion to help other succeed.

Adam Davison

Trinity U Founder

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