Be on Top Form!

Be on Top Form!

The top of your game – how often do you feel like you’re truly there? 

If we’re honest with ourselves, we’re not at the very peak of our powers anywhere near as much as we’d like to be, as much as we need to be even. 

But that’s OK… 

We’re not superhuman, we’re business people. 

And away from the business, we’re just people. 

Human beings are programmed in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways, that being on top of your game when you need to be, is far more difficult to manage than you might think. 

We’re not here to say that Trinity U can ‘give you wings’ or provide you with five times more energy and enthusiasm.  

We’re not an energy drink, and we’re a BS free zone. 

We can tell you though, that working with Trinity U will help you reach top form more quickly, stay there for longer, and get there more frequently. 

How though? 

It’s all about getting in tune with the mind, the grey matter that has so much to answer for. 

When we understand what’s going on between the ears, we can unlock hidden potential, and then, who knows? Maybe your ‘top form’ will be even greater than you remembered, even greater than you’ve ever imagined. 

There are hundreds of analogies for the brain, and as such there are hundreds of analogies for our thoughts. 

One particular analogy that we find useful is to see thoughts as computer programmes, or as pieces of software that are installed on a main system. 

The good thing about software that isn’t performing well, on a computer at least, is that it can be questioned, troubled shooted, or even cancelled and deleted. 

To be on ‘top form’, we need to think positively.  

Obviously, negative thoughts are a natural part of life that we all have to deal with, professionally and personally, but when it comes to reaching your state of top form, try to see negative thoughts as troublesome pieces of software or underperforming programmes.  

So, on a Monday morning when you’re dreading a particular phone call because of what might go wrong, because you’re worried that you may lose a client let’s say… 

…try to trouble shoot this thought as if it were a programme. 

It is finite, it is solvable, and even the most troublesome of programmes can be closed down if you deal with them properly. 

Instead of worrying about what could go wrong, try and make a plan to steer things in the direction you would like them to go. Take control of the situation. Work out which part of the problem is causing you the most stress.  

Is it that you haven’t done what you said you would? Be honest. 

Is it that you need more time to complete a certain task? Don’t rush it. 

Is it the phone call itself? Could you send an email instead? 

This is just one example of how you can question a thought, before you allow it to consume you. 

As we said, negative thoughts are an unfortunate part of life, but they are a part of life for everyone, and just because you’re a bold, confident, risk taking business person, doesn’t mean you’re immune to negative thoughts. 

We’re talking about nagging doubts about your worthiness, worries about how much you’re charging for your services and products, the dreaded ‘imposter syndrome’. 

These are normal thoughts for all of us, but let’s go back to the computer analogy. 

If you were trying to watch a film on your computer, or to work on Excel if you were being a tad more productive, but several pop ups or interfering programmes kept getting in the way, what would you do? 

Would you tolerate them, and continue to watch or work through buffering and annoying little messages? 

Of course, you wouldn’t… 

You’d work out exactly what was causing the issue, see if it needed your attention, and then either solve it or close it down.  

Now, it might be a bit of a stretch at first, but you can do the exact same thing with your negative thoughts. 

Give them the space to be seen for what they truly are – unhelpful, inaccurate, a waste of time. 

Deal with them appropriately  close them down, save them for later, address them if you must. 

As soon as you start to think like this, or in line with another similar analogy, you can start to think about getting back to the top of your game, back to top form as soon as possible. 

Just as the computer performs better without problematic programmes, so will you. 

Trinity U aims to create motivational states of mind in those we work with. 

We want you to eliminate negative thoughts so that you can be on top form as and when you need to be. 

It’s never going to be all of the time, that’s just impossible, and we all have our down days, the bits that we blag, the just get to the end of the day days. 

But working with Trinity U can be a game changer for business owners, as we are interested in helping you as a person first, a business owner second, and then as a master of managing the two simultaneously, effectively and productively.  

Positivity is key, trust us. 

And if you don’t like the computer analogy, don’t worry, we tailor our unique brand of business/ life coaching to the individual, whilst our extensive range of online content is accessible to everyone, no matter your experience within business.  

On your own, you might be on top form some of the time, as and when your brain and thought patterns allow it. 

With Trinity U, you get to decide when you’re on top form.  

Just think about the potential and the possibilities that come with that…