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How do you effectively prepare yourself for the unexpected twists and turns ahead of you?

In 2019, the global proportion of women in senior management reached an all-time high– of just 29%. Even as things begin to change, the thought of breaking into male-dominated fields can be an intimidating one.

Discover the experiences and skills that have been critical to the success of these seven businesswomen. Are you focusing on the right things in your professional life?

Where the book began…

When Adam Davison from TrinityU began recording his business-based podcasts back in 2019, little did he know that he was laying the foundations for the book, Women In Business to be written. Interviewing a wide variety of women who had started their own businesses across a range of different industries, Adam soon realized something, these women, these businesswomen possess, much more emotional intelligence than their male counterparts.

Adam saw common themes emerging, including how these particular women displayed a natural ability to network, a proactive approach to asking for help and relationship focused commitment to involving those around them. All this meant that their chances of success were far greater. Focusing on seven businesswomen all previous features on the TrinityU podcasts, this book delves deep down into their motivations, uncovers their unique struggles and celebrates their eventual triumphs and establishing their businesses as real success stories. It also covers their moments of realization, where they discovered the importance of finding a balance in their lives.

It’s not all about business…

It’s about life away from the business as well. Here’s a sweeping generalization coming up for you, men have a tendency to skip past the instruction manuals. These businesswomen have taken the time to learn from their mistakes, read the rulebook, rip them up and then rewrite them, maybe businessmen could take a leaf out of their book, maybe they could start by reading women in business. Everyone could.

In Women In Business, you will discover:

  • Actionable, experience-based advice on how to overcome personal and professional challenges
  • An exploration of the common themes that repeat themselves in each woman’s experiences, and how understanding these themes can help you identify and overcome them in your own life
  • How having a strong “why” can give you the power to overcome any obstacle, and how one woman’s “why” enabled her to make 18 months work of progress in just 3 months
  • Insightful commentary on each woman’s story, drawing out the most important conclusions and key takeaways
  • The simple guiding principles that will ensure you’re constantly making progress, even when times are tough
  • Why having a varied, unique background and diverse skills can often be more of a benefit than following the traditional pathways of professional life
  • Detailed analysis of what made these women so successful and how you can adopt their best practices – And much more.

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