How a Business Life Coach Can Help You 

How a Business Life Coach Can Help You 

Any half-hearted, late night Google search for a ‘Business Coach Near Me’ or for a ‘Life Coach in My Area’ is likely to turn up thousands of results, all pointing you in the direction of someone who would be able to either help you transform your business, or transform your life. 

We regularly talk about the benefits of getting yourself a coach (obviously) and we know that there are plenty of good business and life coaches out there, all over the world. 

But why is it that the two are rarely combined into one offer? 

Why is it that the majority of coaches choose to focus on either their client’s businesses, or their clients’ lives? 

For a long time, we’ve endorsed the idea of YALEE (You are life’s essential element) and also that as a business owner, ‘you are your business’, and so it makes perfect sense to us at Trinity U, that the two areas of ‘business’ and ‘life’ can indeed be coached by the same person (or via the same platform…) 

What could using a Business Life Coach do for your business? 

What could it do for your life? 

Well, let’s start by picking up on an old and trusted analogy of ours, ‘the hamster wheel…’ 

You might be familiar with this, but it’s worth going over with fresh perspective, especially if you find yourself in a bit of a rut, with no real reason as to why. 

The hamster wheel idea refers to that feeling of being stuck. Running yourself into the ground but not actually going anywhere. As business owners, it’s perfectly normal to wind up on the hamster wheel every now and then. It’s often a by-product of the cycle between success and stagnation. 

The important thing to remember is that just because you feel as though you’re on a hamster wheel in a particular moment or place, it is absolutely within your own power to jump right off and start making some real progress. 

And this is where our blend of Business Life coaching proves so beneficial.  

Were we to just look at how you could move your business forward, we would make some progress, but it would be limited. 

The same is true if we were to focus solely on your life away from the business. We’d go somewhere, but only so far. 

By blending the two, and by paying respect to each as a separate issue, we are able to help our clients make serious progress. Not only do they jump off the hamster wheel, they find themselves in a hamster ball, 100% in control of the next destination and the journey ahead. 

It might be that business is booming. Not everyone comes to us because their sales are struggling or their marketing needs movement... 

The change they may want to see in their life could be to do with things away from the business, away from the world of ‘work’. 

We’re workaholics, us business owners, and sometimes it takes some outside perspective to realise that by making small changes to our approach to business, we can make huge changes to our lives in general. 

What if you were stuck in a routine that was causing you to be miserable, but making you money? 

Should you accept, that life can be hard at times, and that nothing good ever came easy, or should you forget the clichés and start carving out the life you actually want your business to give you? 

Remember why you started out in business, we’ll bet that it wasn’t to work every hour under the sun (and under the moon for that matter…) 

We know how to help business owners identify any areas that can be streamlined, keep them accountable to ensure these efficiency measures are actually implemented, and then help them reap the benefits of this extra time for their life away from ‘work’. 

What would you do with that extra time? Spend it with the kids? Play golf? Read a book? 

Maybe though, it isn’t the business that is preventing you from living your life to the full.  

Maybe it’s the other way round.  

It could be that your life away from the business is putting the blockers on your business reaching anywhere near its full potential. A glass ceiling you didn’t even know you’d installed. 

We’re not just talking about real world things here, such as having too many fingers in too many different pies 

Yes, doing a million and one different things away from the business can be detrimental to the business (if you don’t know how to spin all these plates at the same time) but we’re also talking about things that are much harder to explain, things that go unseen… 


That’s right, every single thought we have has a consequence. A thought can build us up, or break us down. It can spur us on, or hold us back. 

When you face a challenge in your business, whether you like it or not, all of your experiences in your life up to that point play a role in determining how you respond.  

There isn’t anything we can do to go back and change the experiences, but we can help you shed new light on how you view them, and how you learn from them. 

This can be a hugely empowering experience for our clients, when they realise that the only thing holding them back from achieving everything they’ve ever wanted, is the grey matter sitting between their ears. 

So, when you’re looking for a coach, and you’re deciding whether to go for a ‘Business’ coach to help you with your business, or for a ‘Life’ coach to help you with everything but business, maybe you should consider whether you’re happy to settle for one and not the other. 

At Trinity U, we know that our clients don’t have to settle for either/ or, because we believe that without addressing each area in turn, as well as from a joint perspective, we are limiting the outcomes we can ever hope to achieve.  

How can a Business Life Coach can help you then?  

Speak to Trinity U, and let’s find out together.