It’s a Zooming Life !!

A Zooming Life – Vlog

So just off another zoom call, it just seems to be life now in this lockdown world one zoom call after another.

Working virtually with clients.

Working virtually with partners.

Working virtually with virtually everybody,

It now seems to be the way the world because this is the only way we can keep in touch with all our business colleagues. A question that is going through my head though is what comes after lockdown? How much of this virtual world is going to continue?

I have found working ith my clients that we can do stuff virtually now that pre Covid-19 we were driving miles to achieve the same results, using valuable time on the countries motorways. Also, we have been able to bring together people from all over the country in a way that we have never really have before. Strange how events can change mindset. As they say necessity is the mother of invention!

So most definitely I will be taking some of the positive experiences of the last 6 weeks into post lockdown, but also, I have realised that the virtual world is not a panacea. You cannot do everything under the sun on Zoom or by using Window Teams.

You need to have interpersonal relationships. You need to be able to see people.  it is what humans need and indeed thrive on. We want the human contact.

So as we continue in lockdown, I suppose it is a  zooming life for now

But post lockdown, Zoom is just part of what we can do. It is not the only thing. By using it effectively we can run our businesses more efficiently and giving us back some time that is usually a precious commodity.

Stay safe and keep zooming.