Know Where You Are Going 

Know Where You Are Going 

At Trinity U, we’re big believers in the idea that the journey is just as important as the destination. 

To live a full and happy life, it really is no cliché to say that you simply have to live for the moment and enjoy every day, because none of us are promised tomorrow. 

Before we get too deep and meaningful though, we’re also big believers in the idea that having a destination, a clear plan and a road map, makes the journey even more spectacular 

And that’s where Trinity U come in to your equation... 

We help you to see the destination, work out how you’re going to get there, and then accompany you along for the ride.  

We’re not there to hold your hand, but there is one word which best describes our purpose in this relationship… 


Being accountable to yourself is fantastic, but being accountable to someone or something that is external to you and your business is even more beneficial. 

Trust us on that. 

It’s why even Olympic gold medallists employ the services of a coach. 

It’s why Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have coaches around them for everything from mind set to nutrition. 

It’s why millionaire business owners employ business coaches.  

To keep them all accountable. 

As part of the business planning process, we agree actions and objectives with our clients which are measurable and achievable.  

Now, we’re not just talking about things like earning a certain amount of money over the next six months, or employing two further staff members. 

Those things are vitally important, of course, from a business coaching perspective, and they are definitely things we cover… 


…Trinity U’s unique blend of business/ life coaching provides so much more for our clients when it comes to goal setting and aiming for specific targets. 

Yes, the business side of things is taken care of, but because ‘you are your business’ the personal side of things come into play as well. 

Do you want to play golf twice a week and need to find a way to make this a reality?  

Let’s look at it together, practically, and see what sort of figures you need to be he hitting in order to make this life-based goal a reality.  

The business has to work for you and your life and not the other way around.  

This isn’t to say that things won’t get hard from time to time, of course they will, but what are we working so hard for if we’re unable to prioritise the things that make us happy and the people who we love? 

It could be that you want to spend more time with the children in the short term, but that you’d like to be able to save money for them for when they reach 18.  

At Trinity U, we love specific targets like this, as they show us what truly makes our clients tick. 

Let’s look at these real world, personal life targets and see how they fit in with the plan for the business.  

If there’s no alignment. If it seems as though you’ll be working every hour under the sun (and the moon) in order to make enough money to keep the business viable, this is obviously a problem, not just for the business, but for you as well. 

If the things you’re doing within the business are preventing you from doing the things you want to do within your life, then it’s time to get back to the drawing board. 

The drawing board is where it all starts. 

We’re talking about blue sky thinking on a grey, grey day. Look it up in our blog section, we’ve talked about it before. 

Let’s get the pens and paper out, or the laptop if you like it nice and neat, and start to mind map (not too sure if you’re allowed to say brain storm these days) exactly where you want to go, exactly what the destination is. 

Let’s look at where you want to be as a business, and crucially, as a person, after one year, after five years, after ten years. 

Let’s put targets in place, that we review periodically to ensure we’re on track. 

Let’s talk candidly about why we’re doing this in the first place. Why are we not doing the 9 to 5 route? Why are we doing things for ourselves? 

Answering these questions can be hard, but when we find our own truths in doing so, the experience is liberating and motivating.  

Freedom and focus all at the same time. 

Imagine that. With Trinity U, you don’t have to just imagine. 

You can imagine and dream as much as you always have, but you can set out a vision and a clear road map of how to make the dream happen.  

And we’re there with you, every step of the way, checking in and keeping you…what was the word again? 


We keep you accountable to the things you said you were going to do, in order to get the things you want and to be able to enjoy the things you love. 

If you want more money, say so.  

If you want more time, say so.  

If you want both, let’s work out how we get there. 

Working out how we get there is what we’re here for. It’s what we’re good at. 

In terms of actually getting there though, that’s largely down to you and your passion.  

You and your determination.  

You and your desire. 

But with business/ life coaching, as opposed to one or the other, we can start a fire that simply will not be put out, as you work towards a destination that enthuses you to get up every morning and start again. 

Oh, and when you do get up every morning, remember to enjoy the process, the journey, the road map, as much as we know you’ll enjoy reaching that destination. 

Know where you are going with Trinity U.