Mind for business

training course

Running your own business can be extremely rewarding. However, when faced with inevitable struggles and challenges along the way, our mental health can easily get left behind and our wellbeing abandoned. If you’ve ever wondered how you can help support your team’s wellbeing and not only that, how you can help support yourself, then this course is for you. These sessions have been designed to help teach you the basics such as what you need to know in order to gain a better understanding of mental health and wellbeing within the workplace, how to identify signs of mental ill health idea’s and advice on how you can address as well as support someone exhibiting signs of mental ill health in silence.

This course genuinely hopes to empower you and your team within your workplace, to identify your role in challenging stigma’s, and most importantly to accept and understand it’s ok to talk’.

We all have mental health, there is no health without mental health.

Session 1:

The term ‘mental health’ can be used a lot, we may see it pinned to the walls of Doctor’s surgery waiting rooms or train station platforms, however, sadly not as many people understand what exactly mental health means. Did you know that Business owners are at a much higher risk of experiencing mental health issues? During this online session, we’ll talk about what mental health actually is, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in group discussions and to fully engage as much as you like. We’ll focus on discussions surrounding mental health such as ‘How might negative language affect a person with mental health issues?’. Have you wondered what the warning signs may be of someone with mental health difficulties in your workplace? They can be difficult to spot. This session will cover crucial ground to help you feel more confident at identifying the signs. One of the most important areas we’ll be discussing and focusing on is how you can support someone that may be exhibiting signs of difficulties with their mental health. We’ll be looking at key focus points such as how to approach in the right way which is undoubtedly an extremely vital step but it can also be one of the most challenging. Another key point we will look at whilst discussing support, is how we can listen in the right way. Knowing how to listen to someone in the right way, effectively means building a solid and safe rapport with the other person which is vital to helping someone.

Your business no matter how large or small, no matter how many employees you may have, inevitably involves working long hours to achieve goals and meet tight deadlines, our mental health is at the core of all of this. No matter your personal or professional goals, choosing to check-in with yourself and those around you every once in a while will ultimately be the driving force and growth behind your business. 


Have you ever wanted to find a way to cope with stress and hardship but just didn’t think it was possible? 

Session 2:

Coping mechanisms are not always easy to take onboard, especially when it comes to the suffering and exhaustion of stress caused by the high demand and intense pressure work can put on us. During this session, we will focus on stress, what it is, what are some of the contributing factors that trigger your own stress levels; money, uncertainty, personal/work relationships and increased workload are all factors that many people suffer stress from. In group discussions as well as through individual activity, we’ll look at some helpful and unhelpful coping mechanisms. 

What does self-care mean to you? 

Imagine a work environment where you didn’t feel guilty or stressed to say ‘no’, whether to yourself or to your team. Imagine going to work and not feeling ridiculous asking for help or realising that setting the right boundaries can lead to a much healthier and rewarding life, personally and professionally. Change stems from choosing to take steps towards improving our own wellbeing. Steps such as taking a full lunch break, leaving work ‘at work’, feeling connected, remembering the simple things that give us joy, beauty and pleasure, and putting yourself first can dramatically contribute to lifting our wellbeing. During this session we’ll discuss and brainstorm self-care practices and how understanding the importance around those practices can powerfully benefit our lives in the workplace and outside of it.As individuals, choosing to be open to reflecting on our wellbeing at work, by addressing it, and by also talking about it, we can help promote and encourage a work environment that feels safe and comfortable for our employees. We can move forward as a team progressively. We can help each other by identifying what positive changes we can make in our workplace. We’ll also be looking at ‘resilience’ and how resilience and wellbeing within the workplace are strongly linked. We’ll discuss how having a resilient motivated workforce can benefit your business in countless ways.

Mental health doesn’t discriminate; it can affect anyone. This course is here to provide you with support.