Step Out of the Comfort Zone (if you want to…) 

Step Out of the Comfort Zone (if you want to…) 

The comfort zone is a dangerous place to operate inbut let’s face it 

from time to time, we all end up slipping back into itand for a number of different reasons too. 

Holidays (what are they again?)illnesses (and not just man flu either…), family events (lockdown baby, anyone?)and even global pandemics… 

…they can all be cause for us to fall off our own locomotives, deviate from the end game, forget where we’re going even. 

But what exactly is wrong with that…? you might ask. 

Well, nothing really. 

If you’re paying the bills and covering your costs, keeping everything ‘ticking over’, maybe the comfort zone isn’t that bad after all. The mortgage (or the rent) has to be paid and as long as you’re doing just that, you may well be pretty happy with keeping things simple, just as they are, nice and comfortable. 

Stepping out of the comfort zone though, can provide you with opportunities and experiences that don’t even appear on the horizon of the comfort zone itself. They aren’t even considerations. 

Stepping out of the comfort zone, whilst a risk, can be the key to achieving real, lasting and sustainable success. 

And that’s why you set up in business, right? You could have kept things ticking in a 9 to 5, and that’s just not you. Besides, with what’s going on in the world right now, even the most secure of those once very ‘secure’ jobs seem much less secure than ever before. 

We said ‘secure’ a lot then. 

And unfortunately, there isn’t much about stepping out of your comfort zone that is secure. 

It’s a bit of a risk. 

But nothing ventured, nothing gained. You do have to speculate to accumulate. So, what are you waiting for? 

If you haven’t pushed yourself recently, why not think about doing something out of the ordinary.  

Why not take that first step, or that first step in a while at least, outside of your comfort zone. 

Maybe you need to improve or step up your presence on social media? Speak to an expert. Outsource it for a while. Book yourself some training. 

Maybe you haven’t launched a new product or service for a while? Get cracking with some market research. Have a drawing board day! Plenty of pens, pieces of paper, powerful potential! 

Have you checked what the competition is doing recently? Maybe they’ve stepped out of their comfort zone. It could be the nudge you need to get out of yours! 

Not every step you take has to be drastic, but the missed potential from sticking to the same old, same old all the time, doesn’t bear thinking about. 

Not every step you take will be successful either, but does that matter? 

Look at the big boys. Yes McDonalds have their comfort zone, their go to products that everyone knows and loves. That’s their brand. Their old faithful’s. But every now and then, you watch as they step out of that comfort zone with a new burger, or a breakfast offering with a difference. 

They spend millions on advertising, millions on market research, even though the new burger, wrap or whatever it might be, is a little different to what they’ve offered in the past. 

OK, you might think McDonalds can afford to take this kind of risk, because of their existing success, and you’d be right, but they are still doing it. Stepping out of the comfort zone, trying new things, and seeing what opportunities this can create. 

Football teams do it, releasing new kits that are a little bit ‘out there’, and from time to time they probably take a little bit of a hit on their shirt sales, but does that stop them stepping out of the comfort zone, from trying something new things? No, of course it doesn’t, and the same should apply to you and your business. 

Let’s take it down a level, to your man on the street, with a few real life examples of how 20:80e has helped businesses step out of their comfort zones and move to the next level. How 20:80e has helped businesses take risks, try new things and find new successes. 

Let’s start with the Estate Agents… 

Much maligned by the masses, Estate Agents get a rough ride, and so anything that improves their public image has to be a good thing. We worked with an Estate Agent who needed to do just this, improve their public image. 

How did they do this?  

By stepping outside of their comfort zone of course! 

Speaking to the camera and raising their social media profile wasn’t always top of their agenda, but making the decision and then taking the risk, has helped them to move to the next level, and their videos get better and better with each new release. That’s called experience… 

This particular Estate Agent’s profile on social media has now blossomed into a formidable presence, and their reach is far wider than it ever was before. Comfort zone exited. 

A second example can be found with our support of a town centre garage. Successful in their own right, very reputable, but maybe a little traditional.  

A high end, freshly fitted customer service area thenmight have been pushing them out of their comfort zone a little. 

Aside from a bit of an image change, there were costs involved, building works necessary, red tape etc. etc… 

…but once finished, the new customer service area was a sight to behold, a real improvement, and a hit with the customers (which is the most important thing of course) meaning that this step out of the comfort zone was also a good one. 

Throw in a celebrity appearance at the grand opening, a prize draw for customers and a featured news story in the local press, and all of a sudden this starts to look like a risk that was definitely worth taking. 

McDonald’s and Manchester United, they step out of their comfort zones. 

Estate Agents and Town Centre Garages, they step out of theirs too. 

Comfort zones are nice, or at least they can be, but they are there to be broken out of. 

Is it time to step out of yours?