The A-Z of Business (B and S)  –  Calling BS on Miracle Workers 

The A-Z of Business (B and S)  – Calling BS on Miracle Workers 

We don’t know how long we’ll keep this A to Z theme running with the Trinity U Business Blog and SME-Pod series, but whilst we’re on it, let’s keep this good thing going with a two for one, B and S. 

When you see B and S together, it can usually only mean one thing, and we’re not going to be the ones to rip up the rule book on that.  

We’re calling BS on a part of the business world, which to be frank, does our collective heads in. 

You’ll see them popping up on your social media feeds every now and then.  

The ‘miracle workers’ with their short cuts to making a million, the hidden secrets of industry success or the six steps to becoming the next Bill Gates Method. 

If they sound too good to be true, they usually are, and in most cases, these crash courses are just a money-making exercise for a social media savvy entrepreneur, who has been clever enough to exploit a gullible (and impatient) target audience.  

In the old days of ‘sales’ (think MAD MEN) this type of course might’ve involved a face to face session, with a speaker telling the room how they can change their lives if they just believe they can.  

If they take the risk and step outside of their comfort zone, dream big and just go for it, they’ll be creaming it in before they know it.  

These big-ticket events used to engage, inspire and motivate the masses to want to set up in business, to dream big, even to plan their own route to success, but that’s about it.  

And we call BS on them. 

Because to succeed in business… 

…as much as the dream, the ambition and the initial leap of faith are important first steps, they are just that, the first steps. 

Wanting something badly isn’t enough, you have to do something about it.  

And that means putting in the hard work. 

Trinity U works with businesses who have realised this. They’ve had their moments of inspiration, they’ve allowed themselves to dream, but then they’ve started to put the hard yards in, so that they can make the dream become a reality. 

Nowadays, especially in this world of COVID-19, the face-to-face seminars and sessions have been replaced by online courses.  

The BS is a lot easier to peddle, it seems, when you don’t even have to look your customers in the eye. 

“Just do this…and you’ll be on your way to six figures.” 

“Follow this fail safe, fool proof plan for overnight success.” 

“Hear how I made my first million from my sofa.” 

Once again, we’re going to have to call BS, and let’s deconstruct those typical statements that probably sound a little familiar by now.  

For a start, there is no such thing as ‘just’ in business. The idea that you can ‘just’ quit your day job, when you’ve got mouths to feed and a mortgage to pay is, quite frankly, ridiculous and could even be quite a dangerous suggestion to make.  

For those already in business, it’s not as easy as ‘just’ doing this, or ‘just’ doing that. Big decisions require big planning, and external advice can prove invaluable.  

Not just advice at the start, but accountable, reliable support from start to finish. That’s what we believe in. 

Secondly, ‘fail safe’ just isn’t a thing. Any plan that has no potential for failure is a dud.  

Successful business owners fail all the time, it’s just another word for learning.  

Oh, and ‘fool proof?’  

You’ve got to be kidding! 

The world of business is littered with fools! Try not be one, don’t suffer them gladly, but always be aware that just because someone looks and sounds like they know what they’re doing, there’s every chance that they might not.  

Fools aren’t always naive and innocent either, sometimes they’re actively on the look out for people they can exploit and take advantage of.  

Not a fool in the typical sense maybe, but definitely in terms of what they bring (or take away) from the table. This is the category that those miracle merchants fall into.  

They’re not daft! 

So, we’ve called BS on it, all that talk of overnight success, but not because we’re naysayers or negative minded people. Not even because we don’t believe in short cuts, we know plenty of them. 

We’re calling BS on that side of the industry because nowhere in their message do they talk about hard work, and a lot of hard work is needed to succeed in business.  

Sorry, that’s just how it is. 

“You have the dream but then you’ve got to do the dream…” 

We heard that somewhere anecdotally, a quote from a child would you believe?  

From the mouths of babes and all that… 

Well, it’s the best summary of what we’re banging on about and so we’ll use it.  

You can have the dream, the moment of inspiration, you absolutely have to!  

But once the haze has lifted and the blue sky thinking is replaced with a need to earn some money, you need to get down to it and plan what you’re going to do, then you actually need to do what you’re going to do! 

That’s what Trinity U offer businesses and business owners, and that’s where we differ from the entities we’re calling BS on. 

They’re there for the lightbulb moment, but we’re there when the lights go out. 

They’re there when the spark is lit, but we’re there when it’s fizzling out and needs reigniting.  

They’re there when it’s all going well, but we’re there when it might not be. 

Who do you want in your corner? 

Someone that sees you coming, ready to take your money and run? 

Or a company like Trinity U, who truly has your back. 

Remember, this is still business, but it’s business, without the bull.