The Long and Lonely road

The Long and Lonely road

Setting out in business can be a lonely prospect.  

There’s no getting away from that. 

Many people who have tried to go it alone, as it were, soon find that ‘going it alone’ truly means just that, going it alone. 

Surely that’s what they signed up for though?  

Parting company by parting with a company sometimes means we end up working around the clock, instead of punching the clock. 

And that’s not the trade off we’re looking for. 

If this is how you find yourselfspinning in the hamster wheel and feeling cut adrift from the world of work, as you used to know it, with its pension plans, annual leave and human interaction, we’ve got some pretty important advice for you… 


Bear with us here… 

Business owners like youhave to understand that for the most part, you’re in this alone.  

The motivating factors to succeed in business might involve other people, but they are yours. 

There might be other people involved in the running of your business, but it is your business. 

Other people might stand to do well from your success, but it is your success.  

It is all about you. 

Being a business owner can be a lonely experience, we’ll say it again 

Endless hours at the coal face, daily hurdles to overcome, paperwork and more paperworkHMRC. 

When your friends, family and everyone els sign out, clock off or go home, they can put their feet up until they’re back in againwhilst you’re probably bogged down with a million and one ideas about how you can diversify, make improvementscut costs and find new markets. 

It never stops. It’s lonely. 

But…what if it didn’t have to be like that? 

What if you could access a group of talented, successful and supportive business professionals, from a vast range of industries and niches, who could support you with your adaptations, diversifications and ultimately, show you how to not just survive, but to thrive in business? 

With 2080e, that’s exactly what you’re getting access to. 

We always say that ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ and for business owners like you, this is so true. 

We speak to business owners who complain about having to do all the stuff they have no interest in, the accounts, the purchase orders, the filing. 

There are two reasons why they complain about all these necessary, sometimes tedious, bits and pieces: 

Either they don’t know what they’re doing, as in, they don’t have a full practical understanding of how to do something… 


…they don’t why they’re doing something, as in, they don’t actually appreciate the implications and importance of such tasks. 

That’s why the road is so long and so lonely, because business owners are wandering blindly towards their destination, constantly being flagged down and side tracked by all kinds of distractionsthat they neither want or understand. 

2080e can’t remove the need to take care of the ‘bits and pieces’, to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, but with unrivalled access to a wealth of experience and expertise, we can make it so much easier to manage. 

The road might still be long. The road might still be lonely. 

But 2080e provides sign posts, service stations and satellite navigation, all the way along the route, helping business owners walk the long and lonely road of business, with guidance, tips of the trade, and dare we say it, the odd short cut as well. 

Feeling lonely as a business owner is something you’re going to have to get used to from time to time, but the more that you surround yourself with the right voices, the right advice and the right guidance, the less lonely it will be. 

Networking, seminars, a commitment to lifelong learning. 

And don’t kid yourself into thinking that you can’t call a quick lunchtime pint a business catch up, every now and then, of course you can. 

But only if you have the certainty of your destination, the conviction in your direction, and absolute concentration on what you need to do, why you need to do it and how you’re going to get it done. 

When you know how, when you know what, when you know why, the long and lonely road becomes that little bit shorter and a lot less lonely.