Women in Business – Going Back to your ‘Why’

Women in Business – Going Back to your ‘Why’

Regular subscribers to our blog (and listeners to our podcast) will know all about Trinity U’s first book, ‘Women in Business’, by now.

The case study based book details the trials and tribulations of seven incredible businesswomen, honing in on their success stories and documenting every stage of their unique journeys.

The main thing they all have in common is, well, that they’re women, and so we thought we’d take a closer look at some of the things they say in the book, in the hope of inspiring some more women out there to become successful (and happy) ‘women in business…’

We say successful and happy, because what’s one without the other?

That’s why our unique blend of coaching focuses on life in general, as much as it does on business.

Hence, business/life coaching.

As one of our ‘women in business’ tells us in the book, and you’ll have to read it yourself for the full story, striving for success in the world of business took her back to her ‘why’, her reason for getting up in the morning and cracking on with the task (or more likely, tasks) at hand.

And that’s what we’re encouraging our female followers out there to do, to think about why they want to succeed in business. What’s the driving factor?

It could be to provide a certain standard of life for your children. It could be to provide a certain standard of life for yourself, and there is nothing selfish about that. It could be to make a difference to people less fortunate to yourself. It could be because you want time to pursue hobbies and interests.

Whatever it is, your ‘why’, we’ll bet our bottom dollar that if you think about it long enough, it becomes so emotive that it leaves absolutely no room to consider failure.

The ‘why’ becomes the be all and end all for the business women we work with (and the men in the interests of fairness…)

So, if the ‘why’ is the be all and end all, how can it be that we need to find our way back to it?

Well, there are lots of reasons, and we’ll try to cover a few of them here, just in case you can relate to them in any way.

Firstly, there’s the need to ‘get money’.

It sounds crude when you say it like this, but ‘getting money’ is the simplest way of explaining the need we all have to provide for ourselves and our families.

Without paid employment, which a lot of us bravely step away from, getting money takes on a whole new level of significance, because the monthly salary stops coming in and it’s over to us, as women in business, to bring home the bacon, as it were…

The necessity to provide becomes the focus, rather than the end goal or the reason for setting up in business in the first place.

But that’s OK…

…because sometimes, money needs to be made so that things can be paid for. It’s a simple fact of life and the world we live in.

It’s perfectly OK to go down this route out of necessity at times, but what we’re saying here is that you have to be able to bring yourself back to ‘your why’, especially when the going gets tough.

If it looks as though you’ll miss a mortgage or rent payment, it’s stressful, and you need to earn the money to make sure that doesn’t happen, but don’t forget to remind yourself why you are doing it this way, the hard way.

Have you been able to spend more time with your children? Have you been able to keep yourself in shape by visiting the gym when you’ve liked? Have you managed to see friends and family more often?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then there’s your silver lining. If the answer is ‘no’, don’t worry, at least you know why you’re doing it, because you want those things to be a possibility, a reality even.

Smiling through the hard times is difficult, we know that, but with Trinity U in your corner, plus the advice and reassurance from plenty of other ‘women in business’ who have been in similarly sticky situations, smiling through the hard times becomes so much easier.

So, the need to ‘get money’ can take you away from your ‘why’, but what else can?

Relationship difficulties, looking after parents or children, the small issue of global pandemics – these are a couple of examples of things that can distract us from our reasons for setting up in business.

Getting your head down and on with progressing your business is difficult if you’re struggling with a relationship.

It’s damn near impossible when you’re looking after parents or small children.

Global pandemics too, they can be pretty annoying…

…but does that mean we give up?

Absolutely not. Instead, once again, we have to go back to our ‘why’, because that and only that will help us keep going through the hardest of times and the toughest of challenges.

If you do read the book, and hear all about the eventual and ongoing successes of the women we feature, you’ll see a running theme of just how important coming back to ‘the why’ is. Even when your back is against the wall and when the road ahead seems too tricky to navigate, somehow, focusing on why you’re there in the first place arms you with everything you need to tackle absolutely anything.

To pinch a phrase used by Adidas, Impossible is Nothing when you know why you’re doing something.

For women in business, just like you, going back to your why is the most important thing you can do, no matter what stage of your journey you’re on.

Whether you’re just setting up and finding it particularly difficult, or if you’re a few years down the line and starting to enjoy real growth, always take the time to go back to your why.

Always take the time to remember why you started.

Women in Business: The book all businessmen should read (but probably won’t) is available from Amazon right now as a paperback book, or on Audible as a audio book.

Read it, listen to it, think about it